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Letters by Myriam to individual souls

Teachings specifically geared to concrete situations and questions from everyday life as brought forward by souls

Myriam van Nazareth


Brief introduction and explanatory note by Myriam

Dear sisters and brothers,

Time and again, souls write letters or mails to our apostolate, entrusting me with their spiritual distress. In many cases the Mistress of all souls allows me to answer these letters, and She avails Herself of the opportunity to use these answers as teachings.

I emphasize that each such answer is inspired by Maria Herself. As I would deem it most inappropriate if such were not the case, each answer is written at a moment when I am being granted the highest possible intimacy with the Heart of Mary. This state of heart may very well appear from the phrasing of the letters presented to you.

Although it is self-evident that the answers are of a private nature, and that they are directly geared to the problems submitted in the letters, Mary Herself refers to them as “applications of the Science of Divine Life”. Indeed we know – as this is the deep sense and purpose of our apostolate – that the Mistress of all souls wishes to teach us the Science of Divine Life. To that end She uses every opportunity to establish this knowledge and these insights in the souls, so that the latter may learn to apply this knowledge and these insights to their concrete problems and thereby to assimilate the most fruitful way of life.

That is why, with Mary’s permission, we publish letters or parts of them, insofar as these are likely to help all souls in their spiritual struggle. It goes without saying that no personal information is revealed, or that such information is modified so as to preclude any conclusions concerning the identity of the writer of the letter sent to our apostolate.

The sole purpose of this collection is: to serve the Mistress of all souls and to make Her works within the souls even more fruitful. Everything is a matter of grace. Of every one of us is expected merely a genuine dedication and a persistent effort to grow.

Against this background I assure each and every one of you of Mary’s burning Love.

At the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Her Myriam






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